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    29 Amazing Pieces Of Anna Wintour Fan Art

    The felt Anna finger puppet you never knew you needed.

    1. An Anna Poster

    2. "Nuclear Wintour" T-Shirt


    An Etsy artist wanted to send these "Nuclear Wintour" shirts out to fashion editors, but he never did. So now you can buy one on Etsy.

    3. Anna Felt Finger Puppet


    "Anna's feltie version is quite petite and will fit most super skinny fingers, but would do well on pens, pencils, chopsticks, and the like."


    4. Computer-Generated Anna

    5. Black-And-White Watercolored Anna

    6. Colorful Watercolored Anna

    7. An Anna Cutout

    8. Cartoon Anna

    9. "Nefertiti Homage To Anna Wintour"


    10. Painting + Instagram Filter Anna

    11. Anna's Face On A Chair

    12. An Anna Brooch


    "Anna Wintour brooch, made by me from shrinking plastic. It´s finished with a layer of shiny varnish, so she can handle a bit of water. Anna is not water-resistant though."

    13. Gray Anna

    14. Ready To Hang Out With Kanye Anna

    15. Anna Riding An Ostrich

    16. Daft Punk Anna

    17. Paper Doll Anna


    With Grace Coddington

    18. Anna On A Cake!

    19. Anna Sitting Next To Karl Lagerfeld And Other Fashion People

    20. Diagrammed Anna

    21. Anna As Paper Mask

    22. Bodacious "Vogue" Cover Cartoon Anna

    23. A Different Take On "Vogue" Cover Anna

    24. Anna Avoiding The Stench

    25. Designer's Sketch Anna

    26. Mosaic Anna

    27. "Anna Wintour Imagined As A Skeleton."


    28. Colored Pencil Anna

    29. Anna As Campbell's Soup, On A T-Shirt

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