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21 Photos Of Hillary Clinton Looking Like A Boss On Her Trip To India

The Secretary of State spent the last few days in India, where she met with Indian leaders, took in some dance shows, and did a lot of waving.

1. She boarded the plane in Beijing wearing her trusty shades — handy for hiding the effects of any late nights on the town.

2. And arrived in Calcutta — with an outfit change!

3. She greeted her fans with a grin and a wave.

4. Then slipped into her limo.

5. With a minion in tow to carry her bottled water.

6. Her first stop: an anti-trafficking event in Calcutta, where she fondled the saris.

7. Then this girl taught her how to beat someone up (as if she doesn't already know).

8. At the Victoria Memorial Hall in Calcutta, she enjoyed this photo op, which is far more exotic than anything you'd see in Washington.

9. She was always careful to acknowledge her fans.

10. And always looked like she was having a good time.

11. She even learned some cool dance moves!

12. And was greeted in the Taj Hotel with rose petals.

13. She met with Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, in Calcutta.

14. They had what appears to have been a very interesting conversation.

15. She delivered a traditional "namaste" greeting.

16. And had a blast doing it.

17. In her typical jet-setter fashion, she then caught a flight to Delhi.

18. And de-planed looking fresh as a daisy.

19. She kept her fans at bay with a wave.

20. She stared into the distance, calmly ready for any task.

21. In Delhi, she caught up with Sonia Gandhi, Chief of India's ruling Congress party.