15 Fabulous Pieces Of Lady Gaga Fan Art On Etsy

It’s Lady Gaga’s birthday! So should you buy the $24.99 Lady Gaga My Little Pony or splurge on the $49.99 one?

1. Lady Gaga My Little Pony - $49.99

“This girl has been painted skin color and has silver eyeshadow and brown eyes. She has a yellow chicken leg around her wrist and white pasteys like her photo. I painted her lips red and put a sparkly lobster on her head.”

2. Another Lady Gaga My Little Pony - $24.99

3. Lady Gaga Felt Finger Puppet - $15

“Yes, Lady Gaga is an ultra glamorous finger puppet ready to dance all kinds of crazy with you and your besties.”

4. Lady Gaga Hat For Dogs Or Cats - $12.50

5. Lady Gaga Converse (Hand Painted) - $250

6. Lady Gaga Doll - $150

“Custom Love Seat is included.”

7. Lady Gaga Singer String Doll Voodoo Doll Keychain - $6.99

8. Baby Lady Gaga Polymer Clay Necklace/Keychain - $16

9. Lady Gaga Painted Wine Glass - $28

10. Lady Gaga Nesting Dolls - $39.99

11. Lady Gaga Telephone 11 x 14 Original Art Illustration Poster Print - $35

12. Lady Gaga - Miniature Sculpture - Charm Pendant - $26

13. Lady Gaga Kitty Look/ Gaga Hair Bow for Cats/ Heart Shaped Kitty Glasses - $15

“The sunglasses are made of glitter foam and lined with cheetah-printed felt so they are comfortable for kitty.”

14. Lady Gaga Chibi Charm - $11.11

Note: the price is listed in British pounds, but the seller will ship anywhere.

15. Stuffed Monster Plush - $39

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