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Here's What It's Like To Get Your Genitals Covered In Rhinestones

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the vajazzle.

Ah, the vajazzle: a dainty, shimmering gem masterpiece on your genitals. S'cute, right? Well, in order to get one of these, you have to go through a FULL BRAZILIAN WAX. Here's what the process is like from start to finish.

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So what exactly is a vajazzle? After a nice waxing, you get little rhinestones attached to your pubic area.

But it turns out, two out of three of our brave volunteers had never experienced a Brazilian wax.

That being said, it was a little nerve-racking.

Let the ripping begin.

Maybe singing a little Disney would help?

Or a nice, strong cosmopolitan?

After that fresh hell was over, it was time for the stones.

Ah, this is beauty in its purest form!

The next day, they were all still a little confused as to what they just did.

And even days later, the jazzle wouldn't leave!

And may the memories last ~forever~.