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How Do You Feel About Period Sex?

“I could even argue that having blood on your penis is kinda fun sometimes.”

Period Sex: Yay or Nay?

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People feel strongly about period sex.

It really comes down to how comfortable you are around a little bit of blood. Some people just can't get down.

Let's talk pro first, shall we?

First of all, periods are healthy.

Often, women are more in the ~mood~ during that time of the month.

But the opposition brought up this analogy:

They were worried about the mess.

But the period-sexers were quick to retaliate that not that much blood comes out during a single period.

Plus, like, other sex fluids don't seem to be a problem.

But still, the anti-period people were not feeling it.

They kept saying that it was just too messy. But maybe anti-period peeps just don't have washing machines?

The pro side was starting to think there was no argument here.

Bottom line, it's not cool to insinuate that another person's body is nasty.

It was time to give the anti-period people the floor:

Right away, they mentioned how there's lots of other fun, sexy things to do during that week other than sex.

But is any other activity going to be as fruitful? Probably not.

This crew just does not like blood, there's no getting around it.

One word: patriarchy.

But maybe some people just get squeamish when it comes to all bodily fluids?

Sorry guys, but sex can be messy and filled with fluids without periods in the mix.

The pro-period group told them to grow up.

A vote for period sex is just a vote for sex, after all!

It's natural, guys!