27 Reasons You’re Addicted To The Nail Salon

Mani Pedi? Don’t mind if I do.

1. 1. You love their untraditional grammatical choices.


2. 2. You know all the best colors by name.

3. 3. And you LOL when the folks at essie get risque.


Starter Wife. No Pre-Nup. Size Matters.

4. 4. You like that someone LITERALLY washes your hands, cleans the dirt out from under your nails, and trims your hangnails.

5. 5. You have experienced the agony of trying to take glitter off at home by yourself.

Pretty much the least fun thing ever.

6. 6. You’re encouraged to read and discuss the tabloids. Maybe you’ll even catch a Kardashian marathon on mute.

Fameflynet Pictures


Sometimes there’s a little ambient soft rock playing.

7. 7. You get free relationship advice.

8. 8. And compliments on your rings.


9. 9. You respect a good paraffin wax.

Let’s face it, you never really out grow dipping your hands in wax.

10. 10. Square or round? You are the master of your destiny.

11. 11. You love that you can go wild and really let loose.


Srsly, neutral pinks aren’t going anywhere.

12. 12. You’re thrilled nail art is currently acceptable for grown women.

So hot right now.

13. 13. You’re happy to see the names Sunny and Linda alive and thriving.

14. 14. And it’s comforting for you to encounter a modern day caboodle.

Basically, a treasure chest of “sterilized” tools.

15. 15. You like the challenge of texting with wet nails. Be bad, girl.

16. 16. You’re into being pampered. Hand massages? Pink lotion? Cracked knuckles? YES PLEASE.

17. 17. Unlike you, a good nail tech respects the boundary between your nails and cuticles.

And if not, that’s why the tiny paintbrush acetone combo was invented.

18. 18. You know there are two magic words: CALLOUS. REMOVAL.

Sure, wrap my feet in saran warp.

19. 19. You can always spice up your life with deluxe add-ons.

Wine and cheese, y’all.

20. 20. You know it’s a great place for some quality family bonding time in massage chairs.

Fameflynet Pictures

21. 21. And that real men can get into it.

Fameflynet Pictures


Insiders might call this a triple threat.

22. 22. You appreciate timeless nail-themed art.


23. 23. You’re familiar with the suspense of waiting to see if you’re going to get neck rub while you’re drying.

24. 24. And when you do get the massage, you never want those 34 seconds of bliss to end.

25. 25. Even when you accidentally smudge, you know you’ll be good as new before you leave.

26. 26. The invention of gels changed your life.

27. 27. And mainly, because you know life is just one big Mani Cam.

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