13 Horrible Things That Can Happen At A Gay Club

Sometimes it’s just not your night.

1. Someone spills their Appletini all over your brand new TOMS.

2. You see your ex grinding on a really cute guy.

3. The cute bartender thinks your girl friend who tagged along is way more interesting than you.

4. There are 100 bitchy gay guys desperate for a ‘Sex on the Beach’ and only 2 bartenders.

5. You run into a guy you hooked up with, promised to call, and then didn’t.

6. The only guy who will dance with you is 57 and married.

7. All of your friends are incredibly late so you’re sitting at the bar alone.

8. A guy old enough to be your grandpa won’t shut up about all of the expensive things he’ll buy you…

And then asks you if you want to go back to his “mansion” with him.

9. You see your co-worker in the bathroom, who just got engaged…to his girlfriend.

10. You’re having a great conversation with a hot guy at the bar, but then you run out of things to talk about and you say something totally awkward.

11. You completely lose your buzz while dancing and none of your friends are in sight.

12. Someone says they have never watched “Golden Girls.”

13. There is a power glitch in the middle of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

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