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    19 Batshit And Hilarious Gifts You Need To Send To Your Weirdest Friend

    Because everyone needs some fish shoes and a taxidermied squirrel.

    We hope you like the deeply strange products we recommend. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A giant bread pillow.

    It's certainly a conversation starter. Get it here for £14.99.

    2. This poo in a box.

    It's a badge as well, so they can wear it with pride. Get it here for £7.

    3. A yodelling Christmas pickle.

    Imagine getting someone a pickle that didn't yodel. How embarrassing would that be? Get it here for £10.99.

    4. A pair of fish shoes.

    What do you get the weirdo that has everything? These babies. Get them here for £11.99.

    5. These "mushions".

    For someone who wants to look like a haunted marshmallow. Get them here for £14.99.

    6. This beautiful, cheery sampler.

    Part of the "twee things that could kill you" range. Get it here for £15.50.

    7. This taxidermied squirrel dressed as Daenerys.

    You'll have to bend the knee to get a good look at it. Get it here for £120.

    8. This goth plushie.

    Are those teeth...real? Get it here for £15.

    9. This Donald Trump "toilet roll talker".

    "This is the greatest shit of all time. No one else can shit as well as I can. Sad!" Get it here for £15.84.

    10. This inspiring piece of art.

    Doris really brightens up the place. Get her here for £18.73.

    11. A toy spleen.

    In the words of Cornershop, "everyone needs a spleen for a pillow." Get it here for £25.

    12. And this "antisocial" heart.

    So gory, yet so sweet. Get it here for £20.

    13. This comb made out of a real, used pair of dentures.

    95% of spinach will be removed before posting. Get it here for £34.88.

    14. This (ahem) perky cowboy wall hook.

    He's clearly pleased to meet you. Get him here for £9.38.

    15. A set of Stephen King-themed Russian nesting dolls.

    Twitter: @winter_wilde

    THE SMALLEST ONE IS THE BEST. Get them here (or something similar, it's a custom order) for £69.77.

    16. A roadkill candle.

    Ah, just smell that country air. Get it here for £7.64.

    17. A pair of sushi socks.

    So stylish. Get them here for £9.30.

    18. This H.P. Lovecraft sauce bottle sculpture.

    Lä! Lä! Cthulhu fhtagn! Get it here for £79.99.

    19. And this "stay weird" necklace.

    Because above all else, you don't want them to change. Get it here for £10.