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This Scottish Woman Has Been Banned From Domino's For Complaining About Jalapeños

The Linlithgow branch of the pizza chain will no longer serve Anneliese Shabbir because they "can't meet her expectations" about spice levels.

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Mercury Press

A woman from West Lothian in Scotland has been banned from her local branch of Domino's because she complained they weren't putting enough jalapeños on her pizza.

Anneliese Shabbir, 31, who lives in Bo'ness near Falkirk, told Mercury Press that she always pays an extra £1.40 to have extra peppers added to the Tandoori Hot pizzas she regularly orders from Domino's, but says her local branch repeatedly forget to add them.

When she complained that her most recent pizza only had a "pathetic" seven jalapeños on top, she claims she was told to "go elsewhere" by the manager.

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In this post on the company's main UK Facebook page, she says she was "gobsmacked" by the response when she called in to complain about the seven jalapeños, and said on Twitter and to Mercury Press that it was the store manager who made the comment.

Four days later, she shared an email she had received from the Domino's customer care team stating that they would "no longer be serving" her.

Shabbir told Mercury Press that, after several jalapeño-related disappointments in a row, and in light of the comment from the store manager, she had used the online complaint system to ask for a refund of the £21 she'd paid for her most recent meal.

However, instead of refunding her, she says that she received an email response from a customer service representative confirming that "as we cannot meet your expectations, we will no longer be serving you".


Shabbir says that she started craving jalapeños during her first pregnancy, and the craving never went away.

She told Mercury Press: “We used to order pizza up to four times a week. When we lived near the Livingston store, the staff there were fantastic. We were such frequent customers that they actually gave me a card when I had a baby. They wrote messages on the box and were really lovely."

She also says that she'd taken to phoning the store rather than using the online ordering service, just so that she could "stress the bit about extra jalapeños".

Mercury Press

However, she told Mercury Press that it didn't help, and added: "I couldn't believe it. I thought that maybe someone had sent me the email by accident. But this was from their actual head office. Rather than just address the problem of the Linlithgow store constantly getting our order wrong, (Domino's) ban me from ordering. It’s terrible service."

A Domino's spokesperson told BuzzFeed News: "Ms. Shabbir has been a frequent complainant at the store in question. Despite every effort by our store team to satisfy Ms. Shabbir, it seemed we were unable to meet her expectations."

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The spokesperson continued: "It was suggested that it may be best for both parties if we do not accept any future orders from her. We fully support the store’s decision in this case. These decisions are not taken lightly, however, in some limited circumstances, unfortunately, it is our only course of action."

Hilary Mitchell is the Scotland editor for BuzzFeed and is based in Edinburgh.

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