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The Arches Club In Glasgow Has Been Shut Down And People Are Furious

The venue lost its late license, which ends its ability to operate as a nightclub.

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Prestigious arts venue The Arches has been a staple of the Glasgow club scene for years.

Flickr: thearches / Creative Commons

Up until recently, club nights included techno and house night Pressure and Colours, which focused on big-room house and electro.

The Arches also hosted big name DJs like Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox, and Jeff Mills.
Flickr: ddxxx / Creative Commons

The Arches also hosted big name DJs like Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox, and Jeff Mills.

However, the venue has been hit by complaints from Police Scotland relating to drug use.

'The Arches' – Scotland’s original superclub – is being forced to close:

Over the last year, Police Scotland have repeatedly warned The Arches' board of governors that they would be forced to close unless they cracked down on drug use at their club nights. However, according to the Glasgow Evening Times: "Arches solicitor Archie Maciver said that in all but a small handful of instances the police were only aware of drug misuse because staff at the venue had contacted them."

Police Scotland's third attempt to have Glasgow Licensing Board shut down the club element of The Arches succeeded today, and a lot of people really aren't happy.

A lot of tweets pointed out that the not-for-profit arts venue, which also hosts arts festivals, gigs, dance performances, and exhibitions by world-famous artists, won't survive without the income from its club.

Flickr: thearches / Creative Commons
Flickr: thearches / Creative Commons

The arts venue wing of the Arches is such a vital part of the whole ecology of theatre & new work in Scotland. It needs the club to survive.

I hope the National Collective are pleased that the agents of nationalism have effectively shut a hub of creativity in the Arches.

NEW: Glasgow Licensing Board has shut the club element of The Arches. Very bad news for the rest of its arts operation. It won't survive.

'This decision may well result in the closure of one of Europe's most highly regarded arts venues.'

Others mocked the decision to close the club over perceived drug misuse.

The lawyer for the #Arches to the Police: " You can't even keep drugs out of your own prisons". Bravo.

Aye that makes sense. Shut down The Arches and everyone just suddenly stops taking drugs.

Young people in Glasgow will no doubt stop taking drugs now Glasgow Licensing Board has shut the Arches as a club venue. Stupid decision.

@hoachin as if folk are goin "canny take eccies this weekend the arches ur shut so am gonny feed the homeless n do charity work"

So stupid shutting a club down due to drugs people will take them anywhere not as if the arches were personally dealing them out

A handful of people managed to see the funny side.

Sad to hear about The Arches. A shortsighted decision as without the arches trains will now just fall onto Argyll St when they leave Central

How old am I? Tweets saying Glaswegians upset about the Arches, and my 1st thought: "Why would Glasgow be affected by a Radio 4 soap opera?"

I would say save the arches,but I canny even mind wit its like cause every time av ever been in the place its been a blur of hallucinogenics

But the most common reaction was one of shock and anger.

The arches closing down has broke my heart in two, that building holds so many memories from seeing so many amazing DJs 😢❤️

Fucking gutted about the Arches. Totally fucking ridiculous!

I'm probably not going to believe The Arches is shut until years after it's been shut... how can it not be there???

I only attend gigs at The Arches but angry at having one fewer arts space in Glasgow due to a bonkers, short-sighted decision.

Absolute shocker about the Arches. Where to even start? This is really bad for Glasgow.

So confused, gutted and angry about The Arches closure. They've been an elemental factor in my career as an artist. And many many others...

A petition set up in protest at the decision to close The Arches has so far been signed almost 1,000 times.

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