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    16 Places In Scotland That'll Give "Harry Potter" Fans All The Feels

    Secret lanes, ancient castles, caves, creepy graveyards...and much more besides.

    1. This hut, which would be perfect for Hagrid.

    2. This pretty village, which must be Godric's Hollow.

    3. These magical, Hogwarts-like cloisters in Glasgow.

    4. This dead ringer for dodgy Knockturn Alley.

    5. This haunting chasm with blood-red water.

    6. And this spooky cave, which is just as atmospheric.

    7. This obvious inspiration for Beauxbatons.

    8. This ivy-clad Riddle House doppelgänger.

    9. This real-life Diagon Alley in Edinburgh.

    10. This spooky Malfoy Manor lookalike.

    11. This broch, which looks just like Luna's home.

    12. This "Grand Staircase" in Glasgow.

    13. This Hogsmeade-like building in the snow.

    14. This lofty treehouse, which the Weasleys would love.

    15. This graveyard, which is channelling Little Hangleton.

    16. And, of course, Hogwarts itself.

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