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    22 Zero-Fuck-Giving Gifts For The Most Badass Feminist In Your Life

    "I solemnly swear I will smash the patriarchy" – you and your BFF.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. This bear-iffic "don't tell me to smile" shirt.

    Because no one else is in charge of your friend's face. Get it from this Etsy shop for £18.84.

    2. This to-the-point enamel brooch.

    Because your BFF taught you that that ovaries > brovaries and uteruses > duderuses. Get it from this Etsy shop for £8.47.

    3. This excellent feminist activity book.

    4. This feminist AF necklace for your feminist AF friend.

    5. This epic pin for your very own Daenerys.

    Because motherhood is yet more proof that females are strong as hell. Get it for £7.50 from this Etsy shop.

    6. This tote bag, which is just so fetch.

    7. This awesome book for the feminist icon in your life.

    8. This important memo in the form of a T-shirt.

    You and your friends all know it, but it's good to remind each other. Get it from this Etsy shop for £6.99.

    9. This inspiring Susan B. Anthony pin.

    10. This marauding shirt for a Harry Potter lover.

    11. This hilarious book for your friend's new baby.

    12. And these board books for the tiny feminist in your life.

    13. This dainty but oh-so-strong necklace.

    Because you do know a strong woman, and that strong woman deserves a present. Get it from this Etsy shop for £11.74.

    14. This inspiring Michelle Obama art print.

    15. This innovative "free the nipple" shirt.

    Because there's nothing shameful about our nips, or the nips of our dear friends. Get it from this Etsy shop for £14.

    16. This truly beautiful sampler.

    17. This pin, which sums up all women.

    Don't tread on us. Get it from this Etsy shop for £6.16.

    18. This shirt for the Audre Lorde fan in your life.

    19. This bracelet featuring our fervent battle cry.

    Because I persist, you persist, we persist, and she persists. Get it from this Etsy shop for £8.50.

    20. This fantastic long-sleeved banner T-shirt.

    Featuring Dorothy Pitmanhughes and Gloria Steinem. It's ideal for a friend who spends all her time marching for justice. Get it from this Etsy shop for £17.25.

    21. This hilariously vibrant pin.

    22. And finally, this mug for your friend's favourite beverage.