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22 Zero-Fuck-Giving Gifts For The Most Badass Feminist In Your Life

"I solemnly swear I will smash the patriarchy" – you and your BFF.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

3. This excellent feminist activity book.

Instagram: @gemmacorrell

Obviously your friend's favourite activity is smashing the patriarchy, but this book will help to stoke their rage. Get it from Amazon for £7.57 here.


4. This feminist AF necklace for your feminist AF friend.

Instagram: @arosecast

It's got a rose-gold chain, a wooden pendant, and an important message. Get it from this Etsy shop for £12.

6. This tote bag, which is just so fetch.

Instagram: @mumps

Perfect for transporting your feminist activity books and glass-ceiling hammers. Get it from this Etsy shop for £4.99.

7. This awesome book for the feminist icon in your life.

Instagram: @amarudas

Because who wouldn't want a cross-stitch Frida Kahlo? Get it from Amazon for £13.70 here.


9. This inspiring Susan B. Anthony pin.

Instagram: @veeaccessories

Because we need a reminder of where we've come from, as well as where we're going. Get it for £12.50 from this Etsy shop.

10. This marauding shirt for a Harry Potter lover.

Instagram: @beneka01

For the witch who loves to say "avada kedavra" to old-fashioned gender roles. Get it from Amazon for £13.74 here.

11. This hilarious book for your friend's new baby.

Instagram: @starrstruckblog

Or, you know, just your friend. We were all babies once, after all. Get it from Amazon for £11.68 here.


12. And these board books for the tiny feminist in your life.

Instagram: @louetteboutique

They're filled with toddler-friendly tales of fearless female artists, leaders, and activists. Get them from Amazon for £12.99 here.

14. This inspiring Michelle Obama art print.

Instagram: @smarterimpact

A valuable reminder that no matter how low the patriarchy go, we will rise above it. Get it for just 94p here using the print-at-home option.


16. This truly beautiful sampler.

Instagram: @niamhystitches

Because if your friends can't love themselves, how on earth are they gonna love smashing the patriarchy? Get it from this Etsy shop for £30.

18. This shirt for the Audre Lorde fan in your life.

It comes as part of a gift set with 8x10" portrait/bio of the badass Carribean-American radical feminist. Bonus. Get it from this Etsy shop for £23.52.


21. This hilariously vibrant pin.

The perfect gift for friends who don't take themselves too seriously. Get it from this Etsy shop for £7.

22. And finally, this mug for your friend's favourite beverage.

Instagram: @ekstapleton

Mmmm, delicious. Get it from this Etsy shop for £9.90.