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    Posted on Oct 21, 2017

    21 Staffie Photos That'll Make You Laugh Til You Pee A Little

    These so-called "tough dogs" are just adorable dopes.

    1. When this girl forgot how to nap.

    2. And so did this little dude.

    3. When Max refused to be parted from his rake.

    4. And when this daft lady got in a predicament.

    5. When this "tough" dog was alarmed by a kitten.

    6. When this ridiculous doggo got stuck in a ball.

    7. When these staffies got owned by a chihuahua.

    8. When Lola forgot how to catch.

    9. And so did this silly lady.

    10. When Duke mistook his water bowl for a pool.

    11. When this sugarlump decided she was a doll.

    12. And when this softie impersonated laundry.

    13. When this pup got a bit peckish.

    14. When this daft girl fell in love with a pony.

    15. When Sid decided to try a new beauty treatment.

    16. When Phife made himself a hat.

    17. When this dude sucked at swinging.

    18. When this naughty biscuit made some snow.

    19. And so did this one.

    20. When this 'lil bean started a war with his reflection.

    21. And when this guy turned into a muppet.


    Yep, staffies are officially the best, silliest dogs.


    High five if you agree.

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