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    15 Things To Do When It's Sunny In Melbourne (That Aren't The Beach)

    Let's get the most out of the remaining sunny days before winter.

    1. Take out a rowboat at Fairfield Boathouse.

    2. Have a bevvie while floating on the river.

    3. Take a picnic to Moonlight Cinema.

    4. Sip gin at an inner-city rooftop pool.

    5. Or just go on a rooftop bar crawl.

    6. Zoom down an epic waterslide at WaterMarc.

    7. Get a hole-in-one at mini golf.

    8. Watch wild penguins in St Kilda.

    9. Soak up the sun over brunch in a cafe courtyard.

    10. Try your hand at tree surfing.

    11. Pat other people's dogs at a dog park.

    12. Eat all the fancy gelato at Il Melograno.

    13. Embrace your inner kid at Funfields.

    14. Check out the NGV Architecture Commission.

    15. And run like a zombie is chasing you at Sunset Series.