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A Chilling Look At Memes Under SOPA

Here's a glimpse into what being online if SOPA passed might be like. Save our memes! (Inspired by the fine work of Chris Mohney.)

No more advice from advice dog. Thanks SOPA!


How will you determine what pizza toppings to get if SOPA passes?

Did disaster girl burn down your house? You'll never know if SOPA passes.

What ironic statement is printed on Hipster Hitler's shirt? Now you'll never know because of SOPA.

SOPA makes Sad Keanu sadder.

SOPA doesn't want you to know what Mark Zuckerburg's note says.

Bronies will not be able to identify which My Little Pony is which with SOPA.

Hey, what is Leonardo Dicaprio squinting at, SOPA?


Seriously SOPA, what is 1960's Spiderman doing??

Hey He-Man, what's going on? SOPA.

SOPA doesn't want you to see this woman laughing alone with anything.

SOPA has one supportive meme.


Nope! SOPA

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