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5 Traditions That Probably Constitute As Animal Abuse

Sure, sometimes it's funny to drive a cat crazy with a laser pointer, or watch your dog run into a glass door. But these traditions do a little more than confuse animals, they traumatize, abuse and even murder.

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  • 1. Dog-Spinning


    Dog-Spinning is a ritual performed in Bulgaria in which a dog is suspended above water on a rope. The dog is spun rapidly until the rope unwinds. Via care2

  • 2. Pigs of Gods

    Pigs of Gods

    Pigs of Gods festival is an annual celebration in Sanxia, Taiwan. During this tradition, pigs are fed a copious amount of food until they are no longer able to move. They are then weighed, slaughtered and displayed publicly. Via odditycentral

  • 3. Day of the Geese

    Day of the Geese

    Day of the Geese is a competition that takes place in Spain where participants attempt to decapitate geese which are suspended on a rope above the harbor. The winner gets to keep the goose as a prize. Germany has a similar tradition. Via odditycentral

  • 4. Rat-Baiting


    Rat-Baiting was a traditional blood sport in UK in the early to mid 1800's. During the competition rats were placed into a pit with a dog. The competing dog had to kill as many rats as it did weigh. The quickest time and number of rats determined the winner.Via Wikipedia

  • 5. Cat-Burning


    Cat-Burning was a form of entertainment in 17th Century Paris, France. People would gather dozens of cats hoist them into the air over a bonfire. You know, just for laughs.Via Wikipedia