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23 Hilariously Bad Knockoff Brands

In every dollar store and Chinatown marketplace these little gems can be found. If nothing else, their efforts are commendable.

1. Mountain Lightning


This logo makes me feel like they may or may not have slipped amphetamine into this soda.

2. Panburger Partner


This company is really good at coming up with synonyms.

3. Sunbucks Coffee

4. Michael Alone


I never thought a McDonald's could ever seem more depressing.

5. Robert Cop 3


I wonder how the first two "Robert Cops" were.

6. Cocoa Peanut Butter Spheres


I think the ad team here just didn't care whether or not they got fired.

7. My Little...Oh....


Somewhere, a Bronie is weeping.

8. Dr. Bob


"Open wide and say ahhh!"

9. Skerpie

10. Adidos

11. Johns Daphne


Well, at least you know this bottle has only the top notch sort of tenderness you expect from fine whiskey.

12. Duracell

13. You'd Butter Believe It!


LOL, puns.

14. PolyStation 3


If you're really interested on how this thing doesn't actually work, you can watch a video here.

15. Big Americans


Well, this doesn't reinforce any stereotypes about 'Merika.

16. Benign Girl


Really. Benign Girl.

17. Sour Frittles

18. Goetze's Caramel Creams


Whoops. If only WaWa understood the internet implications here.

19. Johnnie Worker presents Red Labial

20. Dolce&Banana


This is actually kind of awesome.

21. Sonia


Perhaps Sonia is this headphone model's name.

22. Cooking Spray and Furniture Polish


in the exact same packaging. Who's ready to accidentally poison themselves?

23. Mighty Mutant Power Turtles


There is so much going on here, I don't even know where to start. By the way, this is the packaging for what you'd think is a VHS tape but is actually a stick of bubble gum poorly made to look like a VHS tape.

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