10 Ways To Fix Your Christmas Dinner Disaster

It’s rare to get through the Christmas season completely unscathed. Christmas disasters are bound to strike, especially with your extended family staying in that one spare bedroom at your parent’s. So here’s a list of ten ways to fix Christmas dinner gone awry!

1. You overcooked the Christmas ham

Good thing that Chinese food place is still opened down the street.

2. Your drunk uncle passed out on the dinner table again

He’ll make a beautiful X-Mas centerpiece!

3. You run out of alcoholic eggnog

It’s probably for the best, your drunk uncle is already down for the count

4. Too many people brought fruitcakes


5. Your parents discover your bisexual amidst dinner

Tell them they now have double the chances at grandchildren. Parents love grandchildren.

6. You accidentally destroy your nephew’s prized gingerbread house

Good job, jerk. Now you have to spend the rest of the night trying to put it back together with superglue. Or, you can give him 10 bucks and call it a night.

7. You forgot you were supposed to make the Christmas turkey


8. Your nice but racist grandmother starts saying anti-semitic remarks at the dinner table in front of your Jewish girlfriend

You tell your girlfriend grandma has Alzheimer’s (she doesn’t).

9. Your nice but racist girlfriend starts making off-color jokes at the dinner table

You break up immediately.

10. You drop your mother’s homemade caramel cream cake on the floor

You should just go sit in another room away from your family for the rest of the night.

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