21 Reasons Korean Dramas Are Ridiculously Frustrating

Badly translated subtitles aside.

1. Everyone is so prudish.

2. In what world do people in their mid-twenties faint over a kiss on the cheek?

3. And why does every single first kiss involve wide eyes?

4. Someone is always losing his/her memory.

5. Or coming down with a terminal disease.

6. Or falling in love with a (possible) sibling.

7. I mean, you never know when you’re going to discover a long lost family member.

8. There is always a dramatic airport scene.

9. Often because someone’s off to America to study.

10. No one realizes this is a woman?

Though Coffee Prince did come out after She’s the Man starring Amanda Bynes.

11. The poor, kind-hearted female lead is always falling for the arrogant, rich asshole.

12. When the other love interest is about a million times nicer and more attractive?!?

ILY, Pillar.

13. Are there never any cops out patrolling the roads?

14. Controlling (or straight up evil) parents can never just let love be.

15. Someone’s nose is always bleeding.

16. Meanwhile, someone else is probably getting kidnapped.

17. Catching a taxi always seems so convenient.

18. But time traveling never is.

19. Wrist grabbing is more common than hand holding.


Same, Hee-jin. Same.

21. But you just can’t stop watching.

Viki, here I come!

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