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15 Thoughts Everyone Has While Painting His/Her Nails

BRB, starting a manicure fund.

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1. What color should I go for this time?

So exciting! So many options! This will be fun!

2. Base coat time. So far, so good.

3. Okay, color time! Right hand looks fab!

4. Oh...but the left hand...

5. Why is my every part of my body the itchiest it's ever been right now?

Maybe if i smack the itch it'll go away?

6. Second coat. Ring finger's looking kind of bumpy...

7. Maybe if I just do one more coat?

Just one smooth sweep.


9. Finally done. There's gotta be a faster way to dry the polish.

10. Alright, it's been two and a half hours. I think I'm ready to go.

11. Let me just stand u-NO. SMUDGE. NO. WHY. NO.

12. Re-freakin-painted. Coats are a bit uneven, but...

13. If I squint, they almost look fairly decent/not absolutely atrocious.

Ehhh...maybe try squinting a little harder.

14. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to paint them and go through this whole process again in a week or so anyway.

15. Or just let them chip for a month. Yeah, that sounds better.

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