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10 Bummer Songs To Accompany You Through A Lonely New Year

Because holidays are always emo(tional).

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1. The Lawrence Arms - 100 Resolutions

"I wonder where you'll be bringing in the new year.

As midnight clocks are singing, good chance I'll be slobbering somewhere.

Probably pass out, wasted, and sleep until the smoke clears."

2. Motion City Soundtrack - Together We'll Ring In The New Year

"This must be it - welcome to the new year.

The drinks were consumed, the plants were destroyed,

and the hors d'oeuvres dismantled.

I'm not smiling behind this fake veneer."

3. Death Cab For Cutie - The New Year

"So this is the new year, and I don't feel any different."

4. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - We Played Some Open Chords And Rejoiced, For The Earth Had Circled The Sun Yet Another Year

(Because instrumental tracks are as important as any other.)

5. Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - The Promise That Life Can Go on No Matter How Bad Our Losses

"I watched the TV through the window from outside the bar

and counted down the seconds to the new year with you

over the phone,

but I couldn't kiss you at midnight-

I couldn't hold you in my arms."

6. Alkaline Trio - Private Eye

"New Year's Eve was as boring as heaven-

I watched flies fuck on channel eleven.

There was no one to kiss, there was nothing to drink

except some old rotten milk someone left in the sink."

7. Stars - A New Year

"New Year's Eve, 1995, sad to still be here,

but happy to be alive.

Seems like the more one lives the less one thrives.

Days getting shorter, but the longing just keeps on coming."

8. Joie De Vivre - Next Year Will Be Better

"It's never been harder to feel better.

It's never been harder to tell if I've changed or if I've just grown up.

Why couldn't you just lean on me?"

9. Further Seems Forever - New Year's Project

"Your hands didn't move, well, neither did mine.

New Year's will bring so much to say,

but nothing comes out right.

Both of us left without words,

both of us lost in this world.

It's softer than ever before."

10. Something Corporate - Forget December

"New Year's Eve came, but nothing had changed;

all the problems just got worse."

Now try and enjoy 2015!

Or at least take comfort in knowing that if we all sang along to these songs together, it'd make for some pretty epic gang vocals.

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