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13 Idiotic Fan Theories (That Are Just As Mind-Blowing As Real Ones)

We've had it with fan theories on everything from the most beloved films of all time to the innocuous television shows we were better off forgetting.

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1. Forrest Gump was actually a wizard


His “MAGIC” shoes he wears as a child allow him to thwart death and act as divine intervention countless times throughout history!

2. Everything in The Little Mermaid is a figment of Scuttle’s imagination

How else do you explain why Ariel doesn't just write Prince Eric a note about why she needs him to kiss her? Just look at this bozo.

3. Jack is a Terminator sent back in time to make sure a future soldier's mother is killed on board the Titanic

It's a way better explanation for the timeline inaccuracies that James Cameron obviously meant to plant.

4. It’s NOT a wonderful life in It’s a Wonderful Life

The family’s cool, but that fucking piece of the bannister is just going to keep breaking off FOREVER.

6. The Minions are Nazi war criminals

If they've served history's greatest villains, it follows that they definitely served under Hitler at some point.

7. Marty actually travels to September 1955 rather than November 1955 in Back to the Future


For starters, somebody asks George if he’s thought about running for class president, but those elections would have already taken place at the beginning of the school year! And Lorraine doesn’t seem cold in a strapless gown for a chilly fall night.

8. The ghosts in Ghostbusters are hallucinations caused by a massive city-wide natural gas leak

10. Both the red pill AND the blue pill in The Matrix bring Neo to The Matrix


Morpheus is too smart to let the fate of the world rest in one dumb-faced man’s split-second decision.

11. Don Corleone is a puppet

The marionette strings on the title design aren’t some visual metaphor, but rather, an in-your-face clue that the Godfather is straight up made of crude latex and paint.

12. The labyrinth in The Labyrinth exists entirely within Jareth's bulge

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