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The Top 10 Inanimate Faces In Recent History

Some are really angry but they're mostly excited.

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1. This sink who's really nervous about his date with the bidet.

2. This microwave who can't believe he gets to make popcorn and heat up pizza.

3. This Church who has some questions about the universe and looking like a duck.

4. These plugs who are a bit scared to be attached to hair dryers but are also sort of nervously excited.

5. This mop who just can't believe you'd make such a mess. Really?!

6. This voyeur who can't believe he's achieved his life work.

7. This little engine that could!

8. This roof who is watching, and waiting, for the neighbourhood cat.

9. This mop who doesn't understand why the mason jar had to go and say those mean things and is getting ready for the Mop War.

10. This clock who just wants a decent nap during finals season.

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