From Ugly Ducklings To Fierce Swans

We all start off as dorky kids. Here are some celebrities who prove there's a fierce swan inside all of us.

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Behind every adorkable kid there's a fierce swan waiting for some confidence to shine through. Sometimes lots of makeup, a team of stylists, and plastic surgery helps, too.

Russel Brand

Whoa whoa whoa. Young Russell, what's up with that eye glare? It's obvious he's always had an interesting personality and time was good to him. Darling, you are fabulous.

Ryan Seacrest

This one's for all the chubby kids and four-eyes out there. Just like a Hollywood movie, it's amazing what a new haircut and contacts can do for you. The swan was fierce was this one.

Jaleel White

Sometimes all we need is a little confidence and Jaleel had tons of it. As Urkel he was the epitome of that dorky kid you can't help but love. Turns out all he needed to go from the cute guy next door was a new pair of jeans a contacts. Hello Jaleel..

Kate Hudson

Where to start! The derpy eyes, double chin, and ears that stick out just a little bit too much. It's all okay though, just a few years and a burst of puberty later this little duckling grew into her features and is now a beautiful swan.

Rashida Jones

Most ugly ducklings know the true pain that comes with curly hair that's not quite wavy but not quite afro. A team of stylists later and Rashida's truly blossomed and, while her hair can be tamed, her awesome personality can't.

Charlize Theron

Charlize was a cute kid. Apart from the large framed glasses - which are totally on-trend these days - it's obvious she was always going to grow into a real beauty.

Victoria Beckham

Ok so this one's not so natural, but, it still shows that there's ~hope~ and every ugly duckling can be transformed into a thing of beauty. You just need a ton of money, a team of stylists, and numerous plastic surgeries. But you can get there in the end.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese has that deer-caught-in-headlights look and the sparkly cardi teamed with an oversized jumper doens't help matters. Not only is she stunning now, she's got tons of confidence. Drunkenly screaming at a cop proves that.

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