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    14 Major Mistakes I Made On My First Solo Trip

    From a solo traveler who's been there and done that.

    1. Planning every single detail.

    2. Booking accomodation without checking reviews.

    Drazen_ / Getty Images / Trip Advisor

    Your accommodation will be your temporary home, so read reviews and book with caution. Is the neighborhood sketchy? Are there video cameras or security features? You need to know these things!

    3. Listening to people who have never traveled solo.

    4. Tagging photo locations in real time.

    5. Compromising your safety for a few dollars.

    6. Telling strangers you're alone.

    7. Leaving your valuables unattended.

    Bruceman / Getty Images

    Always pack your valuables in your carry-on instead of your checked baggage to reduce the risk of them being stolen or damaged during your journey. Don't allow them to leave your sight!

    8. Traveling without insurance.

    Chalabala / Getty Images

    In an ideal world, traveling solo would be a walk in the park. In reality, anything could go wrong, so it’s best to be prepared with travel insurance that could cover those not-so-pretty travel moments.

    9. Burying your head in your phone.

    10. Forgetting to ask for help.

    Lechatnoir / Getty Images

    Strangers are just friends you haven’t met! Don’t be afraid to ask for help or simply speak to the people around you.

    11. Forgetting your limits.

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    Drinking until you can’t stand or going until you can’t go anymore is totally not the best idea. It's especially important to know your limits when you're the only person looking out for yourself.

    12. Showing up without doing any research.

    13. Showing up with too many expectations.

    Jacoblund / Getty Images / Via Instagram: @marion_mithamo

    There’s no way to predict how things will go, so it’s always best to arrive with an open mind.

    14. Following everyone else's itinerary.