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    In 2007, at a time when the concept of reputation management was misunderstood, Davis-Nitzberglaunched the private boutique reputation management firm Central Associated Group Inc. DBARepair Bad Reputation ( Davis-Nitzberg first began his work developing this concept few people could understand the value of his vision. “I would explain to friends or colleagues what I was doing and was always met with blank stares.They may have understood how this would apply to public figures, but they did not realize how the Internet would create an entirely new market where reputation would apply to every company and every person.”

    Since then, Davis-Nitzberg helped pioneer a multi-billion dollar a year industry. His work has put him in the trenches of some of the more difficult reputation management issues over the past five years. Although his client list is safely guarded, he has worked closely with top musicians, celebrities, and politicians helping to define and develop damaged brands. In addition, his field now reaches across many socio-economic markets as the reputation on the Internet applies to most individuals or companies success. “You could be a small business or a Fortune 500, either way you live or die by the public’s perception of what you or your company represents. It is the wild-west, we are in an unchartered universe.”

    Davis-Nitzberg’s first company,, dominated nightlife in Southern California, Northern California, and Las Vegas for almost decade. Under his leadership, would produce well over 10,000 events ranging from 100,000 capacity events to smaller 300 capacity events. In 2006, the Los Angeles times named the top event production company and Davis-Nitzberg was proclaimed as having “The Nightlife Golden Touch”.

    After years of event production success stories, Davis-Nitzberg decided it was time to move on: “People could not understand my decision. The money was there, but I was just not happy with what I was doing. We had done it all and I was ready for a change. I wanted to take my entrepreneurial spirit in a new direction.” So, at the top of his career Davis-Nitzberg walked away from this successful business and launched Repair Bad Reputation, putting him at the forefront of an unknown industry that, over the next seven years, would grow into a massive market.

    Davis-Nitzberg was initially intrigued by the industry for personal reasons: “Essentially, what sparked the idea for the company was looking myself up on the internet and not liking what I saw”. Naturally, Davis-Nitzberg began to work on fixing his own reputation, but during this process he realized the greater potential as a business: “I felt good about what I was doing, so I took a risk and dropped everything to start this new business.”

    Davis-Nitzberg is now a renowned speaker, blogger and consultant within his field.With overseven years of experience as a reputation consultant Davis-Nitzberg's approach is unique within the fields of reputation repair, reputation management, and reputation defense. Repair Bad Reputation, a Beverly Hills based boutique firm, has the freedom to move quickly and adapt to an ever changing market. This time around, Davis-Nitzberg turned down outside investors giving his team the freedom to act quickly and independently.

    What makes his approach to reputation management unique is that his team creates strategies designedto meet the needs of each of his clients.Not all reputation management firms take a similar approach. Many are based overseas, open for three months, and have listed staff that do not actually exist. Some make unrealistic guarantees about what they can accomplish promising money back guarantees. Other excellent large companies apply a more cookie cutter approach to their strategy. According to Davis-Nitzberg, "…there is no one size fits all when doing this work.Many other excellent companies in our field apply the same strategies for each client. There is nothing wrong with that approach. We pride ourselves in looking at our client's needs on a case by case basis determining how to best implement a successful strategy. We hand select our clients and sometimes may decide they are not the right fit."Repair Bad Reputation has the motto … "Your reputation is our reputation…It's not about the bottom line, it's about enjoying what we do and feeling a sense of pride in our work."

    The son of two prominent physicians, Hersh Davis-Nitzberg was born March 22, 1977 on an air force base in Tokyo, Japan. While in Japan, Davis-Nitzberg spent his formative years traveling to over thirty countries until his family moved to Los Angeles in 1983. There he attended two elite private schools in Southern California; a grammar school named The Center for Early Education and a high school named Harvard-Westlake.

    After graduating from Harvard-Westlake in 1995, Davis-Nitzberg attended Princeton University where, as a football player, he helped his team win the Ivy League Championship in 1996. As a senior at Princeton University, he helped raise millions of dollars in private equity capital for his first start up, Also while at University, he started a non-profit organization called "The Ghana Education Project" that currently maintains twenty six education centers in rural Ghana. He graduated with a degree in Religion in 1999.

    In addition to his work with Repair Bad Reputation, he is currently on the board of several non-profit organizations, including Princeton's Institute of Semitic Studies, where he currently serves as the Director of Philanthropy.

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