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    10 Musicians On TikTok Who Will Definitely Be Famous Someday

    Listen to these artists before they get ~famous~.

    I'm not exactly a musical person. Maybe more than some, but you wouldn't watch me going out of my to look for music on TikTok.

    But these 10 artists are already getting love for their art. Check 'em out – don't be a square.

    (Know why they call it that? Because if you're a're not...a round...yikes, sorry everybody).


    10. The master of Hip-Hop Doo-Wop, @mrfreedomyoung


    9. The person who'll make you wait to say, "Have you checked your…": @tomcardy

    @tomcardy tells fans where to look

    8. The person who remixed "Thot Sh*t" in the best way, @vrywvy

    @vrywvy mashup with Megan Thee Stallion

    7. German Pop genius @haofx

    @haofx sings on tiktok

    6. @jakeeboss_'s very unique music videos

    @jakeeboss_ amazes a fan

    5. Daft Punk lives on in @brooksieboi

    @brooksieboi performs on Tiktok

    4. 👏Pro👏duc👏ing👏 legend @muri.elle__

    @muri.elle__ DJ performing Mashup

    3. Girl Boss @rachelsandy

    @rachelsandy performs an original

    2. @sarahkinsleyd's music says, "folk your feelings"

    @sarahkinsleyd performs an original

    1. And @glenwoodonly, who made a beat that Timbaland himself rapped over (!!!)

    @glenwoodonly celebrates on tiktok

    That’s all for now. Anything you wanna see?

    Tell it to your diary.

    Just kidding, I’m here for you bestie. Talk to me in the comments.