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Five Proofs That Terror Attack In Indonesia Is A Failure

Terror group fired gunshots and explosives in downtown Jakarta, Indonesia on Thursday (01/14). Indonesian people's fights back by taking the attention away from the terrorists.

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1. Girls are more interested to the hunky police officer deployed on site

Nih polisi gak mau jadi model aje yee? #kaminaksir

For example, Twitter user Andika Prameshwara said "This policeman should consider to be a model" and used the hashtag #kaminaksir. It means "we have a crush" in Indonesian.

Other female Twitter user expressed her curiosity with the tanned slick-back-hair officer with ironic eyeglasses. She said "I'm very curious about this guy. Any possible identification is highly appreciated."

Later she expressed her disappointment to find out that the officer is happily married with two kids: "SO it's true. He's married with two kids. That's Indonesia, everything can be too perfect ;')".

2. Others are more interested with the sling bag worn by one of the police officer

Path user Debbie Nasta said that the Coach sling bag worn by the officer is only $800 bucks. Other Twitter user dissected the wardrobe:

#MenAtWork Sling bag by TUMISneakers by Adidas & GucciPowered by #IndonesiaUnite#WeAreNotAfraid#OOTD

— Frederic A. Ferry (@_FredFerry) January 14, 2016

A leading fashion designer Ivan Guanwan praised the officer's sartorial style. He said "I really like their style. They look really good and really tough. Please protect us Sir."

suka deh liat polisi kita .... baju nya keren & style nya keren bgt .... jago lagi .... lindungi kita yah pak polisi 😍😍😍😍😍😍 @gucci @tumi

A photo posted by Ivan Gunawan (@ivan_gunawan) on Jan 14, 2016 at 3:37am PST

3. One satay vendor decided stick around and serve satays even if he's only 300 feet away

And people keep ordering his delicious char-grilled chicken skewers with peanut sauce. But seriously, Indonesian chicken satay is THAT good:

When interviewed by Kompas, the satay vendor decided not to leave the cart because they don't want their satays (and the peanut sauce) being looted.

"When we heard the second bomb and saw people ran away, I was going to follow. Then I remember my satays and I decided to stick around," said Heni.

4. Street vendors are actually making money around the attack site

Cigarette, bottled water, and steamed peanut vendors are making quick bucks from curious people who gathered a few feet away from the bombing site. Including thirsty polic squad! Twitter user Frederic A. Ferry said that terrorists in Indonesia are "treated like nuts" which is a slang for "being ignored".

Di Jakarta mah teroris dikacangin.

— Frederic A. Ferry (@_FredFerry) January 14, 2016

Twitter user @Bebiben joked if the ISIS commander saw the picture below, he will drop to tears because his self-worth will drop to zero.

Komandan ISIS liat foto ini: Beneran ini di lokasi kejadian? *air matanya menetes karena harga dirinya jatuh*

— Yang Mulia (@bebiben) January 14, 2016

Other Twitter user Mega Simarmata said that bombs can explode, terrorist can hide, but street vendors can only be busy selling their goods.

Bom boleh meledak. Teroris boleh sembunyi. Pedagang asongan asyik hilir mudik jualan.

— Mega Simarmata (@MegaSimarmata) January 14, 2016


This is one of the largest terror attack in the largest muslim country in the world since 2009. However, people in Indonesia refuse to be intimidated by fear and terror. They decided to laugh at the terrorist and move on with their life.

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