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    • henderal

      This is crazy, this does not happen only in russia, but worldwide. But i guess worse in Russia. The more gays ask for equality the worse it gets. Gays are born not made. There is no such thing as equality, as we were all born equal. Religions deny Gay existence, it can be cured, the statement alone show how little they knew about science. Until today, religions are the the main reason for this kind of incidents. Why are gays keep asking equality? dont they realize they are superior, facts : gays are smarter, most of them goodlooking and bodybuilder, and most of them dont do this demos, the numbers of gay people are huge, only second to bisexual. most of them realize the way is to achieve things more than others. amongst the gays, there are competitions, gays are individuals. also fact, gay man sexual active not because they are gays but they are men, so do we need this useless demos? violence and misunderstanding? no. just show the gay steretype is not true, and as long as religions considered gays evil and cureable, there is no chance to be accepted, they only know man with women. thats why this kind of demo will never end. but off course everyone has rights to do as they want, this is just my opinion

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