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27 Things To Do While Waiting For A Verdict In The Jodi Arias Trial

The jury has been deliberating for 14 hours. What can you do to pass the time until they reach a verdict?

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1. Get on Twitter Right Now

Twitter is the fastest way to get up to the minute news on the trial Check out these hashtags: #jodiarias #travisalexander #verdictwatch #justice4travis

Follow @wildabouttriral for tweets from inside the courtroom

Read @jodiannarias Jodi Arias's twitter account from behind bars

3. Turn up the TV

HLNtv has around the clock coverage of the Jodi Arias trial. Dr. Drew and Nancy Grace have a lot to say. Expect some repeat news stories and "breaking" news about jurors taking smoke breaks while deliberating the verdict.

11. Watch this Jodi Arias spoof right now

View this video on YouTube

One of the funniest things ever regarding this trial

15. Watch Travis Alexander's Memorial video

View this video on YouTube

Watch this original video from Travis's memorial as well as other fan made videos dedicated to this memory on Youtube.

17. Support Travis Alexander's Family

You can send supportive letters or donate money to cover time and travel costs so that Travis Alexander's family could be in court. Please donate directly to the family and make sure you look out for any scams.

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