15 Cutest Owls Of All Time

What could be better than tippy tap talons and little beaks? Open wide and say “awwwww…”! Seriously, this is too cute.

1. Two Baby Owls Sitting In a Tree



2. It’s Chilly Outside, Even for an Owl


Hello, every bird needs a little hat!

3. If I Keep Standing Here, Will You Tell Me I’m Adorable? Pleeeaassseee?


Can I pet you? Just once?!

4. Twin Owls Make For Double The Fuzz


These twin owls are even better than the Doublemint Twins, and really any type of duplicate humans or animals.

5. Two Species, One Love


Since when do ducks love owls? Since RIGHT. ABOUT. NOW!

6. Behold, the Beak!


You are so cute, little owl. Please do not peck my eyes out with your adorable beak though, okay?

7. Enjoys Heavy Petting


That’s the spot, okay, keeping going…

8. Awww Yeah, One More Time



9. Adorable Old Man as an Owl


Old dudes are pretty cute, especially if they look like owls.

10. 16 Eyes Are Better Than 2 Eyes


Cuteness borders on terrifying, which actually just adds to the adorableness factor.

11. Seriously, I Just Want to Nibble Your Ear


Like two owl teenagers in love…

12. In a Zoo and Waiting for You


It does not matter where the owl lives - it is still 1000% the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

13. This Rail Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us


Do you want to challenge this territorial sweetie? That’s what I thought. Cuteness always wins.

14. It’s In the Eyes


Big, bold and beautiful black eyes are mine, mine, mine!

15. You Called?


I am at your service so long as you remember that I am the cutest living bird alive.

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