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    15 Cutest Owls Of All Time

    What could be better than tippy tap talons and little beaks? Open wide and say "awwwww..."! Seriously, this is too cute.

    Two Baby Owls Sitting In a Tree

    It's Chilly Outside, Even for an Owl

    If I Keep Standing Here, Will You Tell Me I'm Adorable? Pleeeaassseee?

    Twin Owls Make For Double The Fuzz

    Two Species, One Love

    Behold, the Beak!

    Enjoys Heavy Petting

    Awww Yeah, One More Time

    Adorable Old Man as an Owl

    16 Eyes Are Better Than 2 Eyes

    Seriously, I Just Want to Nibble Your Ear

    In a Zoo and Waiting for You

    This Rail Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us

    It's In the Eyes

    You Called?