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10 Reasons Why Adopting A Pet From An Animal Shelter Is A Great Idea


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1. Because you can find The Perfect Matchâ„¢

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The staff tend to know all the whims and quirks you may not notice at first glance, and they're determined to find every pet the ideal home and vice versa. Given the number of pets in shelters, there's bound to be one just right for you.

2. Because you don't get thrown in at the deep end.

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Getting a pet from a backyard breeder or a pet store often means you won't know anything about their medical background or specific needs. Animals shelters and rescue centers will provide you with all the information they have.

3. Because shelter pets are often well-socialised.

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This is especially true for strays who have grown up with their siblings and other cats or dogs around. They may not fully trust humans yet, but they're excellent companions for your pets.

4. Because adult pets are particularly well-suited for first-time owners.

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While there's of course also a great number of puppies and kittens in shelters each year, a special focus should always be on all the adult pets that often get ignored in favour of the babies. Especially first-time dog owners might be more comfortable with a well-trained adult dog rather than an untrained and boisterous puppy, and people who have never owned a cat before may be taken aback by the endless rowdy energy of a young kitten. (Say goodbye to those curtains!)

5. Because they'll give you a reason to smile every day.

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And you'll be able to help them make new wonderful memories.

6. Because you're supporting animal welfare!

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Not only are you getting a wonderful new family member, you're also helping to end the cruelty of puppy mills and the like by adopting a rescue pet. Everyone's a winner!

7. Because you're paying less and for a better cause.

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Adoption fees for rescue pets are way below what you pay for a purebreed puppy or kitten at a breeder who sells pets for profit under questionable circumstances. The fees also cover a (relatively small) part of the shelter's costs so they can continue to care for homeless animals in need.

8. Because you'll inspire others.

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Maybe they'll support their local shelter by donating or volunteering. Maybe they'll start fostering. Maybe they'll even adopt.

9. Because they're endlessly grateful to have been given a second chance.

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Nothing compares to the joy of finally belonging and being part of a pack!

10. Because you'll change the world by saving a life.

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You're genuinely making a huge difference in their lives by giving them a home and showering them with love.

Somewhere, someone is waiting just for you!

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