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24 Horrifying Realisations You're Nearly 30

If I could turn back time..

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That horrifying moment when you have to confess your not as young as someone thought .." Oh I thought you were like 24? " or even worse" Christ I didn't think

you were THAT old" as if you have just confessed you about to get telegram

from the Queen..


Having absolutely no inclination to learn about new social media. OK .. or just not

understanding it point blank. What is the point of snapchat? Bring back

Myspace. I miss Tom.


Realizing that you are in fact turning into Bridget Jones. Surrounded by

smugly married couples and occasionally drinking Morgan spiced on a

school night. Lana Del Ray soundtrack optional.


Your friends and acquaintances YOUNGER siblings have started getting engaged/married. Your pretty sure they were about 14 last time you checked.


Knowing that the years of ever getting that "prefect body/healthy diet/ I do Pilates don't you know "lifestyle are probably slipping away from you. You have probably

been on about 107 different diets and taken up jogging at least twice. Its

just not happening is it?


Still having the desire to party but knowing that people are looking you differently now .. your entering " a nice glass wine or two and bed before 11"

territory and its wholly terrifying .I am not ready to give up fun yet. Bring on the shots?


At least one person from your year at school as a child in SECONDARY SCHOOL. This is nothing short of obscene. Yesterday you baked a semi OK cake and you were proud.


This years freshers were eight years old when you started university.


Your running out weddings to be invited to because everyone is already married


Your slightly worried you have started dressing very similar to your mother


Lets face it your turning into your mother


Receiving the hangover from hell from you would normally consider a small amount of

alcohol. "Come on four ciders is nothing!" you shout at your feeble body "man up!"


No longer being OK about your lack of kitchen expertise .You've started worrying

any future children will have to live on scrambled egg and toast.


Knowing an 18 year old with no living memory of the spice girls .Just horrifying


You have developed definite appreciation for home decor / BBC 4 Documentaries

/Gardening / a nice walk . Or in extreme cases all four


You signed up to tinder for about 1 hour before deciding you can't be bothered with

the small talk


You've probably got some grey hair .. somewhere. Unless your really lucky


Trying to find new friends becomes incredibly hard . Whenever someone tells you to

join a group you want to punch them. I am not joining the church

knitting circle ,thanks mate. Wishing there such thing as a friend shop


TICK TICK TICK hello? It's me your biological clock#


You 100% need a hobby. You've considered pretty much everything by this point.

Crafts! photography! rock climbing! Staying on the sofa till you come with a better idea!


Forgoing lie ins for getting up and doing things. Wasted days feel like wasting your

life. The bottles won't take themselves to the bottle bank. And other such exciting activities


Having a definitive price for everything and refusing to pay over the odds. I

don't care if its designer I am not paying that. Essentially you are now your dad


You have stopped fancying most celebrities because there invariably too young

for you now. Yeah I don't fancy Zayn Malik ..but I can appreciate his beauty right?


You've started listening to radio 2 . Radio 1 think your ancient anyway .

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