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    16 Ways Denmark Wins At Sex

    Why Scandinavians are winning between the sheets.

    1. They’re a liberal bunch.

    2. They make sex a priority.

    90% of Danes aged 16-95 say a good sex life is "vital" to them.

    3. They’re really hot.

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    Danes cycle everywhere, dress well, and have ridiculously high cheekbones. Just look at Helena Christensen and Mads Mikkelsen. It's no wonder they all want to have sex with each other.

    4. Danes are totally cool with public nudity.

    5. Oh, and "adult nights" in public swimming pools are a thing in Denmark.

    Think candlelight, Barry White, and couples dry humping (at least, I hope that’s what they were doing…) à la 1970s porn pool party.

    6. They do lots of "research".!-.aspx

    Porn is regularly screened on public TV channels in Denmark, and a recent YouGov study exploring sexual behaviour found that Danes consumed more X-rated content than any other nation surveyed.

    7. Danes aren’t afraid to experiment.

    There’s more swinging in Denmark than in any other Scandinavian country and adventurous Danes set up International Swingers Week in 2008.

    8. Viking sperm is in demand.

    9. Kids get "Sex Week" at school.

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    From the age of 6, Danish children are taught how babies are made during a national curriculum "Sex Week". By the age of 13, they’ve covered LGBT rights, masturbation, and STIs.

    10. They get a lot of encouragement from the council.

    11. And the church.

    12. And childcare organisations.

    A nursery in Jutland offers "couples time", caring for children outside of normal working hours to allow mums and dads to go home together and make more babies.

    13. Even travel companies.

    14. They drink a lot and are attractively lit at all times.

    15. They’re the happiest nation on earth.

    *Actual* science shows that sex makes us happier by boosting serotonin levels and Danes have the highest levels of contentment on the planet – so they must be doing something right.

    16. They’ve got time to practice.

    Denmark has one of the shortest working weeks in Europe at an average of just 34 hours. This leaves 134 hours to fill every week. You could watch the entire third series of Borgen, sample every Danish pastry, and still have time to kill. And because Denmark’s dark and miserable most of the time in winter (think Mordor October-March), taking to your bed is often the best option. Candles lit? Barry White on shuffle? Then let’s begin…

    For more things Danes do differently plus how we can all get happy, Scandinavian style, Helen Russell's new book, "The Year of Living Danishly" is out now, published by Icon. She tweets @MsHelenRussell

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