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Katie Price Taught Us How To Build Our Own Brand And It Was Everything

This morning Vizeum's three biggest Katie Price fans (and Scott Magee) went to hear KP (and some other non-celebrities) talk about how to build your personal brand. Here's what we learned:

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1. Start Small

Before KP was the best selling author, CBB winner, business woman and reality TV star we all adore, she was a humble Page 3 model. If you're new or junior in the media industry don't worry if you don't have much of a brand yet - concentrate on being known for doing what you do well.

2. Be Authentic

Remember when channel 5 took literally all of the 1634 ratings in January? It's basically because KP was being brilliantly authentic in the CBB house. People like her because they feel like they know her. So be yourself at work.

3. Don't Worry About Competition

"Who is your competition Katie?"

"No one"

KP only competes with herself. KP sets high standards and then smashes them. What a woman*.

*Not a reason not to keep nailing out those competitives though guys

4. Be Relevant

KP says: 'My brand is my personal reality and I can cater to all types of consumer'.

We absolutely should do that to. Learn, learn, learn about your clients, investigate their categories, understand their challenges, hang out in their stores, use their products, live that bloody brand.

5. Don't act Stupid!

Katie's been playing tricks on us, she says, “I suppose I act stupid, but I’m not,”. We are WELL aware of that KP, but it's a risky strategy. Women - let's be bright, bold, inquisitive and smart. Ditch ditzy.

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