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17 Social Media Struggles

Are we social media zombies?

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Social media has sort of taken over our society. People waited outside for hours, on a workday, for the new Apple iPhone. In a way, our phones have turned us into social media zombies. We only look up from the glow of the screen when something goes wrong.

Here's some of the worst struggles to happen on social media. It's kind of like First World Problems, but harder.

- When you accidentally double tap on Instagram

- When you post a really clever tweet and it has a typo

- When you send a Snapchat to "my story" when you just wanted to send it to a few close friends

- When you accidentally hit share on instagram and you haven't even picked a filter yet

- When your boss friend-requests you on Facebook

- When you're trying to reply back on your Facebook post, but you hit "boost post" instead of "enter"

- When you Instagram after midnight. Note: you should never insta after midnight

- When you favorite the wrong tweet

- Facebook stalking someone and then accidentally liking a picture from 6+ months ago

- Tagging the wrong person

- When you show someone a picture on instagram and they try to enlarge the picture and accidentally like it

- You type the wrong hashtag

-Your tweet is one character over 140

- When you didn't take any quality photos at that really cool event you want everyone to know you went to

- When you're caught subtweeting

- Getting fake followers

- When you get caught at work creeping on Facebook

Avoid the struggle, don't turn into a social media zombie.

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