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What I Learned As A Californian Who Moved To New York

"So do you surf and say 'dude' all the time?"

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You'll be away from home. And you'll learn to live with it.

Having a boyfriend is fun and exhilarating, and then it quickly gets real.

Falling in love too quickly fizzles out just as fast.

Falling in love too quickly fizzles out just as fast.

You'll realize you might be loving your work more than your relationships.

Anxiety and depression is a common denominator among New Yorkers, wanting for success and quick fixes.

You'll realize people will ALWAYS be having more fun than you. What matters is that what you're doing right now is good for YOU and nobody can tell you how to live your life. If you feel like reading and eating dumplings all day, that's totally fine.

And there are people who will be weirder than you. You learn the world is not so square sometimes, and they are all people too.

One-night stands can be pretty fun, but they're not lasting.

It's best to go grocery shopping on Saturday mornings when nobody is awake.

There is no shame in eating alone.

You might develop an intimate love-hate relationship with the following: alcohol, sex, weed, sweets, or all of the above

Random quiet corners of rooms, cafes, and buildings will be your sanctuary.

Your skin will become resilient and tough from the East Coast winters.

You'll live in two places. But your heart won't belong to both. The pressure of choosing one place as a permanent place to settle is too much to bear.

But you'll meet friends who love you. You'll tell your family all the fun places you've been. You'll be stronger, and most importantly, you'll find yourself.

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