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What I Learned As A Californian Who Moved To New York

"So do you surf and say 'dude' all the time?"

SeoHungry • One year ago

10 Times When Tompkins Square Bagels Beat All NYC Bagels

Sampling cream cheeses like it was gelato.

SeoHungry • 2 years ago

10 Bagels You Must Try In The East Village

In case you wake up hungover in the East Village and crave a circular bread treat filled with creamy deliciousness.

SeoHungry • 3 years ago

Uruguayan Steak & Egg Breakfast

Nice and cozy Uruguayan restaurant that offers an entree, coffee, and cocktail for under $20 at Tabare Restaurant!

SeoHungry • 3 years ago

10 Types Of Donuts In NYC That Will Definitely Give You A Mindfuck

New York will take your morning breakfast, slap a piece of bacon on it, and turn it into a donut.

SeoHungry • 3 years ago

Chiffon Donuts

Green Tea, Salted Caramel, and Dark Chocolate chiffon donuts from BESFREN in Koreatown, NY - @SeoHungry

SeoHungry • 3 years ago

The Weezer

Bacon, egg, and cheddar cheese with chorizo and scallion cream cheese all within an Everything bagel - Tompkins Square Bagels - @SeoHungry

SeoHungry • 3 years ago