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    • heidib43cfb4ad4

      I think my family must be among the minority that is sensitive to mercury. Also the shot that is being pushed for cervical cancer protection HAS caused unexpected side effects. I think it’s important not to speak to people as if they are morons for being concerned for their children’s safety. This is the medical profession’s new angle, that parents who question the safety of doctor recommended procedures are backwoods inbreeders. My doctor actually tried to force my daughter to get the whole series of shots even after the first one where she started passing out for no explainable reason. Since she wasn’t sexually active the doctor told her to get it in case she was raped! Interestingly the doctor was not getting the series for her own daughters until they were sexually active. Saying that doctors are not getting compensated by the pharmaceutical industry to push these under-tested vaccines is a blatant lie.

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