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‘Halo’; The T.V. Show?

A new Halo is announced at the big #Xboxreveal today. Gavin was in no way happy about this.

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‘Halo’; The T.V. Show?

All of the hope I had for anything good coming out of Microsoft and 343 Industries at the reveal of the Xbox One today, was crumpled up into a tiny ball and cast into a wastebasket of despair.

Halo is becoming a TV show.

Perhaps the most resonating statement from all of today's news, is that right there. 343 Industries, in partnership with Microsoft and Steven Spielberg will be bringing a live action version of Halo to TV, or console or stream service… Let's face it, it won't be released in any regular sense, it will be something directly tied to Xbox Live. No mention of any of this today, but that's the only logical way to take an Xbox exclusive gaming series and turn it into a TV show of some kind.

As I took notes from the Xbox show today, my shorthand entries regarding this news looks exactly like this:

"Bonnie Ross – 343 industries"

"343 is evolving stories on XB1, Live action Halo TV series."

"Created in partnership with 343 and Steven Spielberg – FUCK THIS!"

As you can see, I was not impressed to say the least. Instead of having Bonnie come out and present a truly epic follow up to Halo 4, we get an obvious "we need money" idea from three places I tend to respect: Xbox, 343 and Steven Spielberg.

What are you guys thinking? I understand a new console is expensive to develop, but swinging to the fences with such a blatant fluff piece is a spit in the face to your followers. 343 I'm looking at you.

I have no doubts that Steven Spielberg can and will make a diamond out of nothing. He's an amazing filmmaker/visionary/concept designer.. rivaled only by James Cameron Christopher Nolan and George Lucas. Choosing Steven to helm this project is a smart move, and is the only hope for this not being a complete pooch-screw.

However, Halo is a video game. One that shaped the Xbox from birth, and carried it on its back for the last decade. The Xbox and Halo have evolved side by side to work in tandem, like peanut butter and jelly, they are balance. Making a TV show about Halo is a logical step for the Xbox One dynasty, it holds the new consoles' values as an entertainment hub set on bringing the best in music, movies and games to their users, and Halo fits the bill for the ultimate console specific story. The problem I have with it, is that games are now being billed third for consoles. The Xbox One debuted with its fancy social media and apps as the headliner of the show, games all fell second or third to the Skype features and cloud services.

I can't help but think that Bungie Studios never would have done this. They would have taken the opportunity of such a large scale debut and said "look world - Halo 5, it's stunning, we backed up Cortanna, the flood is back and Master Chief is so pissed" The room would have erupted in applause and the internet would be set ablaze with the news.

Instead, Bonnie was met with crickets when they announced the show, and simultaneously let down its core followers.

I'm all for advancement and new technology when it is called for, but some of us just want our Halo to be a game, we like our coffee black, and we sure as hell don't roll on Saturdays.

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