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    Top 4 Ballparks (As Infographics)

    What makes a great stadium? We map out the cool features, quirky details, and historic achievements in this countdown.

    4. Busch Stadium

    Stadium Graph / Via

    Technically the 3rd stadium bearing this name, Busch III frames the St. Louis arch in the outfield and does a successful job of pulling of the modern-retro stadium.

    3. Dodger Stadium

    Stadium Graph / Via

    This iconic park is mid-century California, all the way. Waves of concrete with palm trees rising against a familiar scoreboard, Dodger Stadium is symmetrical stadium, parking lot included.

    2. AT&T Park

    Stadium Graph / Via

    A giant replica glove (stuffed with ladies underwear), kayaks in the bay sitting just beyond the water cannons in right field, and a humongous slide inside of a Coke bottle make AT&T Park #2 on the list. (Candlestick was pretty cool too)

    1. Fenway Park

    Stadium Graph / Via

    Built over a century ago, Fenway has no shortage of quirks; The foul poles have names, there's a single red seat in right field, the curse of the Babe, and of course THE GREEN MONSTER!

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