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Lets Celebrate The Shower Beer

So, in the wake of an Apocalyptic election in which the country may never recover, lets take a minute to celebrate something good about life, and simultaneously offer an everyday medication to relieve some of the stress and panic. A shower beer. If you are a late-20's - early 30's millennial, on the cusp of real coolness, you are probably old enough to have gone through some real life struggles that have stripped you of all your coddled naive idealism, incubated by your parents bailing you out too many times, and you can finally appreciate the virtues of self-medication. But you still have to get up and pay the rent. That's where the morning beer comes in. It 1). hair of the dog, alleviates the hangover from the night before (it's Monday morning); 2). you get that great buzz that comes with your first drink, just enough to make you feel good, and 3). fuck it, beer tastes great after age 24, and you hate your job right now anyway. BuzzFeed never called you back for an interview... thus a crisp lager is my preference. But no matter where you live of what you do, a cool & crisp shower beer is perfect to make you forget that all the dreams you had in high school will never happen, but you could still hook up with that hot bartender...

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This is a blessing you need...

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