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What Canadians Really Want To Teach Americans

It's not your fault, guys. We learn about your country but your education system is more like "Canada? Lolololol." So here's a primer of the basics you might not know about Canada ...

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Actually, it's possible that we just don't feel the cold like you do ...

Nothing makes us happier than walking around Florida in shorts and T-shirts when you guys are freezing in winter jackets.

(Florida is also great for buying super-cheap winter jackets to bring home to Canada.)

There's a reason every Jeopardy contestant uses "Toronto" as their response to just about every question about Canada.


It's like our "New York." It's not the nation's capital (that's Ottawa, FYI) but it's the big-ass city that everybody knows, holds the most people, and is generally considered the centre of the Canadian universe.

Everyone has a magical card in their wallet.


It's called a health card. You hand it over at a walk-in clinic, emergency room, hospital or doctor's office in exchange for free healthcare. X-rays? Sure! Surgery? Yep! Overnight stay? Of course.

Yes, we get a year of maternity leave, however ...


It's NOT an automatic baby-cation with your full salary. You get to collect a portion of your salary for the year, and your employer might choose to "top you up" if they're super nice.

We're worried you don't quite understand poutine ...

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We go to the U.S. and see "cheese fries" on the menu -- nope, not the same thing. Real poutine is french fries and cheese curds topped with gravy. Try it, live by it.

We do change waaaay differently than you guys.

We have a $1 coin (the loonie) and a $2 coin (the toonie) but we scrapped pennies a few years back. If you pay with cash, your total is rounded up or down to the nearest five cents.

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