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    Top Signs You Have A "Not Boyfriend Who Doesn't Love You" And How To Get Over Him

    Love is in the air you're starting to realize that something stinks. It is ABSOLUTELY your "Not Boyfriend Who Doesn't Love You"

    1. When you text "I miss you" he replies "Aww, I'm horny too!"

    Via tumblr

    2. He introduces you to other women he's having sex with.


    3. When you talk about your girlfriends he wants to play "F'ck, Marry, Kill."

    4. You have more sex outdoors than you do in bed.

    5. Your love song is Dolly Parton's Jolene


    This is some tough stuff; women go crazy over this, baseball bats and car keys kind of crazy, but not you. You have a plan! Having a "Not Boyfriend Who Doesn't Love You" may not have been your best moment, but getting over him in a healthy way will add to the never ending list of your awesomeness, and being awesome smells pretty good.

    How to Get over a "Not Boyfriend Who Doesn't Love You"

    6. Go Skydiving! Being strapped to a hot guy while freefalling to earth is just the thing you need to blow off the dust that has settled over your self-esteem.

    Heather Kozlakowski

    7. Deprivation Tank. A 90 minute float in salt water, the same temperature as your body, void of light and sound is a great way to reset. Taking a break from your body, remembering that you are more than boobies and a vagina will help you set boundaries.

    8. Foster great relationships. Be present with your friends, offer your support, and let them support you. You are loved and when you look around you will see it.

    9. Be Active! Take a break from all that sexual activity and hike! You’ve always wanted to go surfing; book a lesson with your best friend and LIVE YOUR LIFE! It’s a good one!

    Heather Kozlakowski

    10. Hypnotherapy. Take a guided journey to that serene place inside you, establish a strong footing. Tap your fingers and repeat: “every day, in every way, I get better and better and it feels wonderful!”

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