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    • heatherh9

      The guests that believe that you are their maid. Like, I work at a movie theater and I once had a lady get all mad at me because she had to butter her own popcorn and serve her own drink -.- like, most people love that they get to choose how much butter to put on their popcorn and pick what drink they want. But this lady totally cussed me out and got all mad at me for making her do it. -.-  Or the people that are trying to break the rules and get all mad when you call them out on it. We have a curfew at my movie theater and she didnt understand why i wouldnt let her 12 year old into a movie after 9 pm. -.- its like, read the rules bitch. Plus, the movie was rated R so without a parent or guardian, she couldnt watch it anyways and the lady was intent on not watching the movie. Idk… sometimes guests just piss me off (and yes, we refer to them as guests at the movie theater i work at)

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