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26 Photos Of David Tennant That Will Make Your Panties Drop.

David Tennant... He's equal parts adorable and sexy... So let's look at him!

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1. Sweet Jesus... Three Davids!

2. I Need a Doctor...

3. Can I Get in the Hoodie Too?

4. If the Doctor Were Human, That'd be MY Baby...

5. If I Walked Into a Room and Saw This...

6. "Heeeey." "Ooooo."

7. The Reflection is Just as Good as the Real Face.

8. Paying Homage to the Father-In-Law.


9. "Come Hither..."

10. Talk Nerdy to Me.

11. The Suit... The Hair... The Shoes... The Everything!

12. Yes Doctor, I Will Travel Through Space and Time With You...

13. Don't You Wish You Were the Reason for This Joy?

14. There's Presumably Nothing Beneath That Kilt.

15. Anyone Else Dying to Run Your Fingers Through That Hair?


16. He's a Christmas Miracle.

17. Are Those Pants Painted On?

18. Loving the Little Boy Look.

19. His Face Alone Deserves an Emmy.

20. The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul

21. The Hair, The Eyes and The Lips. Yes, Please.

22. Oh To Trade Places With Billie...

23. Picture Perfect.

24. Laughter Is the Best Medicine.

25. Those Eyes...

26. King of the Mountain.

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