15 Greatest Disney Cats

Most of the Cats in Disney films are great, but here are the top fifteen!

16. Lucifer - Cinderella

Yes, he’s a bad guy. But villains need a little love too!

15. Dinah - Alice In Wonderland

If she was in more of the movie, she’d be higher on the list because she’s so damn cute!

14. Yzma - The Emperor’s New Groove

The only reason Yzma isn’t number one on this list is because she’s not actually a cat…. But for the few moments when she’s in this body, she rocks our world.

13. Figaro - Pinocchio

He’s cute and he’s a classic. What’s not to love?

12. Captain Amelia - Treasure Planet

Would you mess with this cat? I wouldn’t.

11. Sargent Tibbits - 101 Dalmatians

A cat who risks his life for puppies? Yes. Just yes.

10. Simba and Nala - The Lion King

These two make the list as a couple… because I can.

9. Rajah - Aladdin

He’s just a badass cat with a soft heart. Everyone should have their own pet tiger!

8. Oliver - Oliver & Company

Why? Because he’s effing cute, that’s why.

7. The Cheshire Cat - Alice in Wonderland

He’s mad and he’s got a killer smile.

6. Mufasa - The Lion King

“Because nobody messes with your dad!”

5. Mittens - Bolt

I at first found Mittens to be annoying, but she’s really grown on me.

4. Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz - The Aristocats

These three make the list as a trio, because they should stick together.

3. Bagheera - The Jungle Book

He was like father to Mowgli and would have done anything for him. That’s love.

2. Tigger - Winnie The Pooh

Who doesn’t love Tigger? Weirdos…

1. Thomas O’Malley and Dutchess - The Aristocats

The sexiest couple in cartoon cat history. Meeeeeow.

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