The 20 + 20 Experiences You Have At A Justin Timberlake Concert

From the second you buy your tickets to the second he sings his last note…and all the crazy awesome in between!

39. Buying Pre-Sale Tickets Online Months In Advance

Refresh! Refresh! REFRESSSSSHHHHH!!!

38. Time For The “I Got Justin Timberlake Tickets” Dance

It’s totally acceptable to do this everyday leading up to the concert…and anytime after that

37. Thinking It Might Be Too Soon To Start The Concert Countdown

Too soon to publicly start the countdown but in your head…it’s never too soon!

36. Time To Make A JT Playlist

Too many good songs….can’t decide which one I love the most!!

35. Preparing For All The Concert Dancing You Plan On Doing!

Ready to shake it all night long!

34. Talking Endlessly About All Of Your “I Got JT Tickets” Feels

And kinda forgetting other people have things going on too….whatevs…you HAVE JT tickets..nothing else matters!!!

33. Forgetting For A Second That You Have JT Tickets…

Doing regular everyday mundane real life things

32. Then Remembering You Have Them…

Ahh the “smiling to yourself like you have a secret” stage

31. Picking The Perfect Concert Outfit

I mean you have to look your best. What if he sees you in the audience…or someone films you and you end up on his concert dvd or in one of his music videos!!!

30. Time To Make The Concert Sign

Use your mad art skills to make an awesome sign that he will remember and maybe mention on talk shows as the best sign he has ever seen!!

29. Timberweek begins NOW

The next week is all about JT

28. Brushing Up On The Adorable Days Of Justin Past

What a cutie

27. The CURLS And The SMILE!!

Admit it this gets you every time!

26. Justin Singing About His Feels

Heart. Melting. Dying. Inside.

25. The Badass Revenge Video

Oh the memories!

24. Hot Damn!

23. He Is Still Bringing It Back

22. He Came Back

Felt like the past 7 years didn’t even happen!

21. Still Got Those Dance Moves


Trying to keep it all together!

19. Final Purse Check

Tickets, money for JT souvenirs, Handmade sign and phone for selfies.. CHECK!

18. Opening Act Time

Warm up your dance moves because he will be on stage before you know it!!

17. Lights Go Out

Wait what’s happening? Is there a power failure? Is the concert cancelled?


You weren’t prepared for this moment!!


Yeah of course you totally look like this! You’ve been practicing for months!

14. OMG He Just Did Something HOT

13. OMG He Just Did Something Even HOTTER!!

12. OMG He Just….

11. HE. IS. MAGIC.

10. Is he looking at me? No he CAN’T be…but wait….HE’S TOTALLY LOOKING AT ME!!!

Stomach in, boobs out, pose and look natural!!

9. Ok He Wasn’t Looking At Me… Relief

Confident that previous reaction was perfect and natural and you are fully prepared if he does look your way

8. Look At My Sign Justin!! I Made It For You!

7. Slowly Turning Into A Teenage Fan Girl


6. It’s A 20,000 Person Dance Party!!

And It is Awesome!!

5. He Is The Best Dancer In The World

4. His Voice Is Amazing!!

And you are singing your heart out right along with him

3. DAMN IT! He’s Singing Mirrors

Cue the Ugly Cry…


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