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I'm Not A Doctor I Just Play One On Tv

What our television shows are doing to us!!

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I'm Not a doctor, I just play one on tv!

If I was ever in the same restaurant as Patrick Dempsey and the person at the next table had a stroke, I would totally expect him to jump up and perform emergency brain surgery right there and then just like McDreamy would do. Because of my years of watching Grey's Anatomy I also believe that I have enough medical know-how to be able to assist him. If all of a sudden McDreamy told me the patient needed an emergency tracheotomy I totally know how to do this, I would take a pen and pierce the trachea to aid the patients breathing and then most likely request a central line and a CBC stat!!! I would be so disappointed if he just sat there and did nothing, however all would be forgiven if he let me run my fingers through his hair...

If all of a sudden the world was to be taken over by vampires, I would quickly gather all the wood I could and go find Sarah Michelle Gellar.

If I ever bumped into Jennifer Love Hewitt on the street, I would wonder if she was there to cross me over. If not I would definitely ask her what the hell happened last summer!!!

If I was a ballerina and my partner was injured and I saw Channing Tatum, I would expect him to jump right in and infuse my boring ballet routine with some sexy street dance.

If I saw Ellen, I would dance. If I saw Barbara Walters, I would cry. If I saw Randy, Keith, Nicki or Mariah, I would sing and if I saw Simon Cowell I would probably just stand there and let him criticize me.

We have come to know all of these people by the characters they play on tv and in movies. After spending years watching shows like Friends and Sex and the City (before they were cruelly taken from us) deep and lengthy discussions about Rachel and Ross and whether they were on a break or not, or about Carrie and Big and whether they would end up together in the end, were conversations I was having weekly with my friends as if they were real people in our lives.

The fact is these shows and these characters unite us, we all have a certain drama or sitcom we follow religiously and we all have that certain friend that we call right after the episode is done to dissect every detail with. These shows entertain us, some educate us, some make us laugh, some make us cry and some make us believe we are doctors. We invite these characters into our homes and lives and when the movie or the show ends we quickly search for a new set of characters to take the place of the characters that we just lost, and so the journey begins again, new faces, new story lines and new topics to discuss when we get together with our friends.

Now if you will excuse me I must go because Scandal is on and I have no idea what the hell is happening!!!

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