The One Question We All Have About Jessie J’s Song “Bang Bang”

A very important musical analysis.

1. At the start of “Bang Bang,” Jessie J sings, “anybody could be bad to you / you need a good girl to blow your mind.”

JessieJVEVO / Via

(Video included for reference)

2. Shortly after, Ariana comes in, directly contradicting her.

NBC / Via randomgifsarerandom

3. “Anybody could be good to you / you need a bad girl to blow your mind!”

Interscope / Via

4. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Clearly this is a simple case of two divas with differing viewpoints.

5. And we are to assume Ariana is the ‘“bad girl” and Jessie is the “good girl.”

Nickelodeon / Via

Although that choice seems dubious, as evidenced by this GIF.

6. But at the end of the song, Jessie completely flip-flops, belting out that NOW she thinks we need a “bad girl.’”


Touchstone Pictures / Via

8. Are we expected to believe that Ariana, in the space of a 30 second verse, convinced you to become #teambadgirl?

Olive Bridge Entertainment / Via

9. What is this song actually SAYING? Do we need a good girl or a bad girl?

MTV / Via

10. Nicki, perhaps prudently, stays out of the debate / identity crisis.

Fox / Via

11. Although if I imagine her response to the good / bad girl dichotomy, I’d imagine it would be something like this:

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